Police Station | Sittard

design – completion: 1994–1997
client: South-Limburg Police
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The Sittard police station stands with its front at the end of the busy Wilhelminasingel, and with its rear immediately beside the railway. These givens determined the pronounced form of the building: a rectangular block on the railway side, with friendly, curved façades facing the Wilhelminasingel.

The heart of the building is a square that is open to the public; a patio that also conveys extra daylight to all the office spaces and makes the building transparent. This patio is partly roofed and forms an attractive meeting place that offers a pleasant view of the city through the wide entrance.

The concrete construction provides maximal freedom in the arrangement of the offices. The façade finish of black brickwork, in combination with wooden frames and a lot of glass, give the police station a special allure.